Our Hyphen group, are college and career aged young men and women. 

In this class, topics are geared toward helping young leaders transition from being youth age to a real world setting. We strive to teach them practical principles while maintaining a spiritual atmosphere. Our goal is to develop and cultivate our next generation leaders that will progress God's kingdom. 

In a culture where many young people are walking away from the Church in record numbers, Hyphen exists to connect young adults (ages 18-35) “to service with purpose for a mission.” What better way to show the love of God than to be an example of what God has called us to do—serve?
The name “Hyphen” represents the life stage where young adults are making important decisions such as college major, profession, and choice of spouse that will affect the rest of their lives. It also symbolizes the connections needed to keep them secure in their faith. Hyphen equips Apostolic millennials for their God-given purpose and to realize the value they can bring to the Kingdom.